A new chapter begins in the history of Budatower this spring: after a long time, visitors of the castle can now see a new exhibition. Budatower, aka the Church of Saint Mary Magdalene is a new and extraordinary attraction on the Buda side of Budapest as it is the only authentic medieval Gothic monument in the Caste District.

The tower has remained primarily intact through its 600 years, although the castle of Buda was under siege several times.

The building is going to play host to a historical exhibition in the tower as well as the famous noon bell which commemorates the brave Hungarian soldiers who fought in the siege of Belgrade. A 24-piece chime structure built in the windows plays a Hungarian piece every hour and visitors can also admire the bronze copy of the 1000-year-old Hungarian coronation robe, which is adorned with portraits of saints, prophets and apostles.

Climb up the 172 stairs and enjoy a fantastic view with the most important buildings of Budapest as well as the sight of the green hills of Buda.



Budapest, Kapisztrán tér 6, 1014


47.504116, 19.028209

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