The history of Rudas Bath

It was the Romans who built the first bathhouses in Hungary. After the conquest of the Carpathian Basin, most Hungarian villages were founded near hot springs. The baths in Buda became internationally renowned during the reign of King Sigismund and this reputation grew further during the reign of King Matthias. Hungary suffered great damage during […]

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The City of Spas

When arriving to Budapest, be sure to visit a thermal bath of which there are several throughout this dazzling city with a variety of services. With warmer temperatures upon us, now is a fantastic opportunity to try outdoor pools.   A top pick would be Széchenyi located a few minutes’ walk from Heroes’ Square. This […]

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Summertime Life in Hungary

The sun is shining, allowing Hungarians to relish and explore the glorious landscapes of their country. Each summer brings new memories alongside traditional foods, drinks and activities. The largest lake in central Europe, Balaton is a top attraction for locals. The several lively towns and villages surrounding its shores all have a distinct atmosphere. Personally, […]

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Summer festivals

Sziget Festival     Discover the Magic of Sziget Festival!   Sziget Festival is one of the largest annual music festivals in the world, bringing the inhabitants of Budapest and people from all around the globe to the island. It is also by far the largest cultural event in the city’s calendar and has been voted Europe’s Best Major [...] read more