6 spring date ideas to enjoy the magic of Budapest

6 spring date ideas to enjoy the magic of Budapest

Budapest is a magical city, no one can deny that. With the cold winter days behind us, and the ever-warmer spring days giving us plenty of reasons to leave our cozy bed, it’s time to go out and enjoy the beauties of Budapest.

The city offers plenty of spaces for romantic dates that are not only fairy tale-worthy, but also very light on your wallet. Here are some ideas for you to take out the person you’ve been texting, and get to know each other while enjoying the great venues Budapest has in store for us.

1. Városliget (City Park)

Parks manifest the atmosphere of the season! The trees come back to life and the fresh air is mixed with rays of sunshine we can enjoy while laying down on the grass. And there is one special thing about spring! While the day can be warm enough, a little bit of cold wind and lower temperatures might happen; which gives you the perfect excuse to stop for a moment and give your date a warm hug. No need to overcomplicate it! Just go for a walk and have a nice conversation – both of you will remember it fondly.

2. Above the tunnel

This one is a place that not many people visit or recognize as one of the best spots to sit and chill in Budapest. If you climb up the “King’s stairs” below Buda Castle and turn left, you will find a small terrace above the tunnel at Clark Ádám Square, on the Buda side of the city. This terrace was just renovated and has benches where you can sit and enjoy the majestic view of the Chain Bridge, blending together with the top of the Basilica on the horizon. As it is a bit more comfortable, sit down with some nice drinks and sandwiches; they will do the trick for a beautiful dinner.

3. National Theater

Being a very different building from what you can normally see on the Pest side (in terms of architecture), it is a nice attraction as it has the shape of a boat. The theater is located next to some office buildings and it is perfect to hang out after a working day as most of the people are gone by then. Just to add some extra fun to the date, there is a playground right in front of the theater and, trust me, it might sound silly but it is a great icebreaker when you just sit on the swings and both of you bring out your inner child. One of the best ways to truly get to know someone… Cuteness alert!

4. Liberty Bridge

For those who don’t know, Liberty Bridge is the green one next to Gellért Hill, which is one of the greatest spots with a beautiful view of the city. A view that becomes completely different with the changing of the seasons as the foggy and mysterious feeling of winter is replaced with bright colors and clear perspectives of most of Budapest sights; perfect to set up the mood for your date. Bring a bottle of wine, sit right in the middle of the bridge and, once again, enjoy a nice conversation! Don’t forget your wine opener and a warm jacket!

5. Fisherman’s Bastion

By far my all-time favorite place in Budapest! Romantic as it can be, you can bring your Princess or Prince Charming to his or her own fairy tale castle. Being the only place of this list where you might have to spend some money for the entrance (it’s mostly free but it changes from time to time), the hall above the stairs gives you a full view of Pest. This place is the perfect venue for a more special date so prepare with wine, flowers and you’ve won your night! You’ll thank us later.

6. Margaret Island

This one could be very similar to the suggestion we made about Városliget but, what makes the island different, is all the options you have to select something that suits the personality of your partner the most. You can choose between the medieval ruins, the music fountain, the water tower or even the open-air theater; plenty of options to guarantee a night that your date will love. My personal advice is to go before sunset, set up a picnic with loads of delicious food and, the most important item, candles! Light them up before the sun is out and then dedicate your time to enjoy the company while the sun is going down until the pair of you are left in the darkness, being lit only by the candles. Nice touch!

As you never know how the weather will be during spring days, you might want to check the forecast so you can properly prepare in case of cold or rain, but wouldn’t a kiss under the rain make it even more memorable? Keep it simple and don’t forget to smile! Most of these ideas will impress, but your smile will always be the one that lights up the fire!

Germán Henao