Even though most young people in Budapest speak English, you might meet somebody who only speaks Hungarian. Some basic Hungarian expressions, anyway, are always appreciated in shops and restaurants. Are you ready to jump head first into one of the most difficult languages in the world?

Everyday expressions:

Szia! (see-yah) – Hey! (informal, singular)
Sziasztok! (see-yah-stoke) – Hey guys! (informal, plural)
Jó reggelt! (yoh reg-gelt) – Good morning! (up to midday)
Jó napot! (yoh nah-poht) – Good afternoon! Jó estét! (yoh ash-tate) – Good evening!
Viszlát! (vee-slaht) – Bye!
Köszönöm! (keh-seh-nohm) – Thank you!

Hungarian for gays:

If there is a spark between you and the other guy, and he doesn’t speak any of the languages you speak, these Hungarian expressions may come in handy for you:

Iszunk valamit? (eeh-soonk voh-loh-meet) – Fancy a drink?
Nálad vagy nálam? (nah-lom vod-ye nah-lod) – My place or yours?
Helyed van? (hah-yad vohn) – Can you host?
Járunk? (yaah-roonk) – Are we a couple?
Szeretlek. (sah-rat-lehk) – I love you.
Szép a szemed. (sape oh seh-med) – You have beautiful eyes.
Van nálad gumi? (vohn nah-lod goo-mee) – You have a condom?
Aktív vagy passzív? (ah-kteev vod-ye pah-seev) – Top or bottom?
Voltál tesztelve? (vohl-taahl teh-stel-veeh) – Have you been tested?
Merre van a metró? (meh-reh vohn o met-roh) – Which way is the metro?