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El Asador de Pata Negra

Enjoy Spanish culinary treats in Budapest

Behind every noble cut there’s a story, but only for those who are willing to discover the secrets of an authentic Spanish ritual.

Amazing steaks & seafood

For centuries, Spain has been a home of quality roast meat. Our highly marbled Iberian pork comes from D.O. Guijuelo, the most prestigious protected farming area of Spain, while our premium beef is the combination of tradition and expertise unique to the Basque Country: the txuleton bone-in ribeye steak of 1 kg in weight is the flagship of the world-famous Basque gastronomy, perfectly chargrilled in Budapest.

Seafood and fish, like our one-of-a-kind salmon steak grilled on oak plank, reveal their natural perfection in our asador charcoal oven, sprinkled only with any one of 6 different salts we use. Biscay-style sea bass and Galician octopus showcase the variety of Spanish culinary traditions with tempting flavours and authentic character, transporting you literally to the Spanish shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

The best cheeses paired with the best wines

At Asador we are proud of our award-winning Iberian cheese, our San Miguel Selecta premium beer and our varied Spanish wine list of more than 70 signature items representing the historical wine regions of Spain. Yet our philosophy may be best reflected in our environmentally conscious water-management system offering exclusively our very own, magnesium-enriched water.

El Asador de Pata Negra is the home of unique culinary delights and genuine Spanish gastronomy in the middle of downtown Budapest, in the heart of the gay quarter.