Even though you probably think about historic buildings, spas, museums and the nine breathtaking bridges spanning the river Danube when you think about Budapest, the city has a lot more to offer. If you’re a nature lover or you just want to spend a nice afternoon listening to birds chirping, roaming among ancient tress or having a coffee in a small traditional bar, Budapest and the surrounding area is the best place you can visit.


Easily reachable by train or car, Visegrád, this authentic little town with an ancient culture, is sure to amaze you. Whether you want to add a touch of history to your holiday or simply want to have a look at the breathtaking Danube Bend, Visegrád is the place to visit! 


Home to the Szamos Marzipan Museum and the Hungarian Open Air Museum among others, Szentendre offers you a walk on a promenade by the Danube while soaking in the atmosphere of the little town. The small souvenir shops in the heart of the town and the authentic cafés are musts! 

Margaret Island (Margitsziget)

Often referred to as “the lungs of Budapest”, Margaret Island is situated on the river Danube in central Budapest. It has something to offer in every season. In springtime, you can walk around and have a look at the blossoming trees and flowers, in summer you can spend a lazy afternoon at the Palatinus Spa or have an ice-cream sitting by the Music Fountain. When the weather is not so nice, you can visit the Centennial Memorial, which commemorates the unification of the city or do some laps at the Hajós Alfréd Swimming Pool. Many people, including both Hungarians and tourists, decide to go for a jog on the island.

Kopaszi Dam (Kopaszi-gát)

Kopaszi Dam, a neat park with lots of trees, gives you a unique view of the city where you can stroll around and have a drink at one of the small cafés or have a delicious meal at a restaurant while admiring the Danube.   

City Park (Városliget)

An absolute must for every tourist. You haven’t seen the real Budapest unless you spent a few hours at the Széchenyi Bath, where the outdoor pools allow you to alternate between the minus degrees (in winter) and the hot water, or learnt more about Hungarian history at Heroes’ Square. In winter, an ice rink is set up in the City Park which helps you get into the Christmas spirit.

Buda Hills (Budai-hegység)

If you really want to get lost in a beautiful forest, we would suggest discovering the Buda Hills. Due to the hilly terrain, this part of the city offers a variety of unique means of transport. Our suggested route would be taking the fogaskerekű (cogwheel railway) to Széchenyi-hegy and then changing for the Children’s Railway, a charming legacy of the Socialist era. From there you have various choices: you can either travel to the end of the line (Hűvösvölgy) or you can get off at János-hegy or Virágvölgy and change for the libegő (chairlift) to take you down to the foot of the hills. Either way, you won’t be disappointed.