LGBT à Budapest

Budapest a une scène gay très vibrante. Les dernières décennies passées ont amené une tolérence quitiodienne et beaucoup de possibilités pour la société gay. Par conséquent, le Budapest d’aujourd’hui a l’une des meilleures scènes gaies en Europe centrale qui accueille à bras ouverts les touristes gays, hétéros et ceux qui sont entre les deux. En plus des bains thermaux, les monuments historiques et l’architecture exquise, Budapest est également connue par sa scène gay pleine de fêtes.

Cependant, les fêtes ne sont pas tout ce que Budapest a à offrir. L’une des scènes principales du Sziget Festival, qui a obtenu le titre de Meilleur Grand Festival Européen décerné par les European Festival Awards reçoit de nombreux  cabarets, représentations théâtrales, dance shows qui te permettent de découvrir ce que cela veut dire être gay en Hongrie.

Le Gay Pride est célébré chaque années accompagné d’un festival de films et des événements qui sont appréciés par des participants gays et hétéros aussi. Même si Budapest ne peut pas être comparé à Berlin, Tel-Aviv ou San Fransisco, la ville a tout ce dont tu as besoin pour te divertir si tu es prêt à aller le chercher. Le nombre des bars, restaurants gay friendly, saunas, et drag shows n’arrête pas de croire ainsi que les fêtes underground et mainstream. Nous espérons que ton séjour à Budapest sera plein de beaux moments et que tu t’amuseras très bien ici ! .

Let’s party !

Alterego: Un bar très branché et détendu où tu peux prendre un verre et danser jusqu’au bout de la nuit. Il ne faut pas rater les drag shows le vendredi avec les performances uniques de Lady Dömper et sa troupe d’artistes. Il y a deux pistes de danse et deux DJs. La programmation est disponbile sur le website du bar à l’avance.

Address : Dessewffy utca 33. au sixième arrondissement à côté de la station de métro Oktogon M1 ou la station du tram 4/6..

The most important regular parties and club nights in Budapest are the following:

Garçons Often billed as “underground as well as glamorous”, Garçons has now become synonymous with “a new era in chic clubbing”. We agree. Appealing mostly to a younger crowd, these parties attract famous guest DJs and lots of people looking to have a good time.

HELLO One of the coolest parties in town. A chic, young and fun-loving audience comes together to party and dance. Mostly pop music and chart hits. Keep an eye open for the club photographer and get yourself immortalized on their Facebook page.

OMOH The Hungarian replica of Berlin’s gay nightlife merged into a long party which runs till 8am. This monthly gay clubnight is located in the smaller room of the Corvin Club.

LÄRM A gay-friendly straight club focusing on techno music and house music located in “Fogasház complex”. Enter from Akácfa street. Hint: you should know the name of the club or the event otherwise the doorman can dismiss you. Corvin Club: the only real underground venue in Budapest on the 4th floor of an old mall in downtown.

VIBE – Pop Up Club – Don’t be basic, feel the VIBE! New party in downtown Budapest for gays, lesbians, urban queers and their friends with a fresh approach. Join us!

Ooops A popular queer party that fails to disappoint. Organized every Friday at Anker’t with the hits of the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and Europop, Disco, Italodisco, Eurovision, House, Techno and many more genres.

Wannabe XL  100% glam from the 90s. Pop, glitter and freedom. A new, ear-catching romance in remembrance of the old love.

WOW! Lesbian party at various locations which markets itself as the right place for lipstick lesbians, but all beautiful ladies and their friends are welcome – straight, gay, male, female and everything in-between.

I want to take you to a gay bar

Habroló The oldest bar with a mixed clientele, reasonable prices and a cheerful, friendly atmosphere.

Why Not? Café and Bar A legend in Budapest, this café and bar boast a great view of the Danube. Regular karaoke and quiz nights are organized in a relaxed atmosphere to meet your friends for a drink or two. A mainstay of Budapest gay scene, this bar is well worth visiting.

Tuk Tuk Bar A gay-friendly cocktail bar right in the city centre with a great signature cocktail menu. We have only good things to say about the quality and craftsmanship of the drinks in this beautiful & cosy lounge bar.

YONCÉ – The Ultimate Beyoncé Party It’s your time to shine! A glamorous party held at an exquisite location where you can be yourself.

Cruising, saunas and sex shops in Budapest

COxX A major player in the gay scene of Budapest and definitely worth a visit. A cruising bar (including a car, a sling and a prison room) where you can make of your wildest fantasies come true.

There are two saunas specifically designed for gay people: Magnum (Csepreghy utca 2.) and Szauna 69 (Angyal utca 2). Both are very well equipped with everything you need to relax and do some cruising. There are all kinds of people there and discounted entry prices on certain nights.

Magnum is the biggest sauna in Budapest and offers the following services on two floors: jacuzzi, steam room, four kind of saunas, plunge pool, videos, cabins, slings, glory hole cabins, a cruising labyrinth, gym, massage and free wifi. Sauna aufguss at 5:00, 6:00 and 7:00 PM on Thursdays. Dark and naked party at 10 PM on Fridays at 5:00 PM on Sundays. Open non-stop from 1:00 PM on Saturdays to Sunday midnight. Tickets are valid for ten hours and they include a towel, slippers and a condom.

Szauna 69 is a more conventional sauna. There is a Finnish/infra sauna, a steam room, jacuzzi, massage, sunbeds and private rooms. Café and internet access available. Towel and slippers are included in the entry price.

In addition to the above-mentioned places, we also have Budapest’s only gay sex shop, Black Dream (Mária utca 9). Whether you’re a hardcore fetish guy or just want to try some kinky stuff, this is the right place for you to go and have a look.

Budapest has two specifically gay-friendly restaurants: Club 93 Pizzeria (Vas utca 2.) and Why Not Bistro Budapest (Belgrád rakpart, close to Why Not? Cafe & Bar). Both offer delicious dishes and excellent service. Why Not Bistro is a gay friendly restaurant directly on the bank of the Danube, and its terrace offers an amazing view of the Gellért Hill.

The city’s only gay gym Tempelfit (Paulay Ede utca 25-27) is right in the heart of the city. Expect great service, a wide array of machines, equipment as well as a Finnish sauna for members.

Finally, Anonym AIDS Tanácsadó Szolgálat is the city’s point of contact for STD check-ups, consultations and anonymous, free HIV testing for everybody (Karolina út 35/B). If you need professional & discreet health service during your stay in Budapest, do not hesitate to get in touch with Downtown Medical Center (BOC) (1053 Budapest, Ferenciek Tere 7-8).

Now that you have all the necessary information about Budapest, it is time to book a ticket, or get out of your room if you are already here and explore this beautiful city for yourself.