Hungarian drinks

What to drink?

Hungary has amazing wine regions therefore trying at least 3-4 different wines is a must. I would go for a glass of wine from Tokaj, but let’s not forget Hungary’s famous lake, Balaton, where we have excellent wineries in the hills surrounding it.

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If you are about to start a nice meal or just hanging out with a friend and preparing for a party in downtown you might want to try pálinka. This is basically a fruit brandy, drunk in shots, made of plums, apricots or cherries but there are a lot of other versions of it. Due to the high alcohol content it might come in handy for digestion but also helpful to raise the mood!

Talking about wine, you can’t leave Budapest without having tasted fröccs. This combination of wine and fizz ywater is well-known across Central-Europe and it is fairly popular in Hungary due to its low price. Various types of fröccs are distinguished from each other by the proportion of water and wine.

The production of Unicum dates back to the late 18th century. This bitter digestif is a divisive drink. With its herby odour and dark colour, it might not instantly become your favorite, but it’s definitely worth giving a whirl. Anyhow, old people in rural Hungary are convinced that it’s a panacea for stomach disorders, so what have you got to lose?

Although beers may not the be the first thing that crosses your mind when you hear about Hungary, you should try Soproni and Dreher, both tasty lagers and perfect refreshments in the summer heat.

Besides these, make sure you’ve tried craft beers before you leave the country. If you are a beer enthusiast, do not miss the Downtown Beer Festival on Szabadság tér from 6 to 10 June 2018, where visitors can taste up to 250 beers, including handcrafted beers as well as the products of the most renowned Hungarian and international breweries.