Szputnyik shop – Vintage & Contemporary Fashion

Szputnyik shop – Vintage & Contemporary Fashion

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One of the best shops to find some urban style streetware designed by Hungarian artists


Szputnyik Shop is a fashion concept born from the combination of old and new, romantic vintage and provocative modern styles – a stunning and unusual player of the Hungarian fashion scene where everyone can find items that fit their personality and lifestyle. They offer hand selected, unique vintage clothes and accessories, popular global brands like Fjallraven, Dr. Martens, TOMS and PAEZ, reworked vintage items and limited edition designer pieces.

The shops are an essential part of the Budapest lifestyle and the life of a stylish and bold 21st century person irrespective of their age. The visitor of these stores that represent the „revolution” of freedom and unlimited creativity, can browse various vintage and contemporary pieces. The selection ranges from extravagant gowns, through sequined tuxedos, stylish shades, fashionable bags and accessories to elegant hats. Fans of contemporary fashion are greeted with a varied, fresh and youthful range that renews multiple times every season, ensuring the presence of up-to-date streetwear.

Time travellers and treasure hunters, it’s adventure time! Enter the world of Szputnyik, visit their stores or online shops!


Szputnyik shop D-20 (District VII. Dohány utca 20.)

Mon-Sat: 10am–8pm

Sun: 10am–6pm

Szputnyik shop K-22 (VI. Király utca 22. (The entrance is at Káldy utca 1))

Mon-Sat: 11am–9pm

Sun: 11am–7pm


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