Shop until you drop in Budapest

If you ask a random Budapester where to do shopping, the answer will probably be Váci utca, which is arguably the most popular shopping street in the city. It offers a wide range of fancy restaurants and all of the well-known fast fashion shops. The long street is transformed into a winter wonderland around Christmas. In the festive season, you can stroll along a beautifully decorated street from the City Market Hall to Vörösmarty tér, which hosts one of the most beautiful christmas fairs in Central Europe. It is bound to get you into the Christmas spirit!  

Váci utca

The nearby Fashion Street Budapest (officially named Deák Ferenc utca) is often called the most prestigious shopping street in Central Europe. You will find high-street footwear, apparel, accessories, beauty products and restaurants all in one place.  

If you are willing to spend more on luxury goods, you might want to check out Andrássy út, which is home to a number of designer shops. Connecting the City Park and the heart of the city, Deák Ferenc tér, the street is often called ’the Hungarian Champs-Élysées’ due to its unique charm and exquisite shops in impressive old buildings. 

Andrássy út

Besides world-renowned brands, it is also worth to check out some Hungarian designers. On Andrássy út, you will find the showroom of Nubu and Zigi, and Robert Maar in the nearby Székely Mihály utca. There are also a few shops in the inner city that offer a variety of different brands, MONO Art & Design in Kossuth Lajos utca and wonderLAB in Veres Pálné utca being the largest ones. If you are into designer items for your apartment as well, definitely pay a visit to Rododendron Art & Design Shop in Veres Pálné utca.   

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