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Szamos Gourmet House

If we have to name 10 brands what Hungary is famous for, Szamos would be on the list. Make sure you take some treats back home for the family!

Quality is of utmost important to the Szamos family, since they have a reputation for premium quality products.

One of the most famous confectionery in Hungary is located in a beautiful renovated downtown palace built in the second half of the 1800s. The Szamos family opened their flagship store, the Gourmet House on Vörösmarty Square, which functions as a confectionery, a museum, a café and a chocolate manufacture under the same roof. The House offers Hungarian and Austrian specialties, evoking the time of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy when café culture flourished in Budapest.

From handmade bonbons through cakes to marzipan, prepared from quality ingredients, all kinds of Szamos products can be found in the House. The shop offers various truffle assortments, gift boxes and about 40 different marzipan bonbons. Marzipan is a Szamos specialty, which was first mastered by Mátyás Szamos in the 1930s. Ever since, Szamos has been famous for its marzipan treats and the Szamos family became one of the most famous Hungarian confectionery dynasties.

In order to fit in with the elegant building of the Exchange Palace, the Gourmet House teamed up with the Herendi Porcelain Manufacture as a design partner. The two companies’ continuing respect for traditions mean less movement and modernity for us – the designs rather reflect the taste and style of old times which is quite a treat for hopeless nostalgics.

For the opening of the Gourmet House in 2011, the Szamos family had prepared a big surprise for their guests. It was the first time when the ‘chocolate tree’, which weighs 220 kilos, 2,5 meters tall and has 82 golden chocolate fruits on its branches could be seen in Hungary. It is on view nowadays in the entrance of the pastry shop.